May 19th - 26th 2018

30 Philanthropic Teams,
Multiple Charities, and
1 Reason

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What is the Give Back Rally Charity Challenge?

The Give Back Rally (G.B.R) Charity Challenge is an interactive adventure; pitting philanthropic vehicle enthusiasts against one another in a seven-day journey to give back to America’s future… it’s children. Each day, participants navigate through numerous challenges and locations testing their dedication, determination and preparation. Every challenge not only provides an opportunity for victory, but also provides a once in a lifetime experience in the unique cities that we venture through. G.B.R. showcases a vast variety of vehicles to meet each fanatic’s needs; whether you’re an admirer of high-end vehicles or prefer to stick with the classics, G.B.R. has something for you!

How it works

G.B.R. participant’s fit into one of three categories; either a business leader/owner, elected official or an industry celebrity. Some of our notable challengers include: Kelly Kaminski- Pro Rodeo Champion; Clay Hensley- World Series Pitcher; Tom Souter- CNBC Personality; Wes Abendroth- International Racer; Tim Colceri- Full Metal Jacket; Doug Stanley- 2-time Emmy Award Winner and creator of Deadliest Catch; Larry Edsall- Author and creator of Classic Cars; and many others.

The G.B.R. Charity Challenge is truly a one of a kind event that brings charity, motorsports, and history to life! Whether it is scoring a record time at a world-renowned track, or literally holding history in the palm of your hand, G.B.R. participants experience an adventure like no other.


Affiliated Charities


Founded in 2008, the Petty Family Foundation has a strong belief in family values, integrity, and compassion for others. It is these ideals upon which we built our foundation, providing the tools necessary to empower those who help others. By focusing our mission on healthcare and enriching the lives of our country's servicemen and women, we will continue a legacy of success and vision of humanity.


We are committed to providing experienced, organized and ethical volunteer search efforts for missing persons, utilizing the most suitable and up to date technologies and methodologies.


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Tour 6 stunning locations on an amazing journey with GBR Charity Challenge. Vistas make breath taking experiences.